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Assistant for Clothing Technology

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Our two-year training provides you with organisational skills which will enable you to support the company management in the fields of work planning and production. Of course you will also be able to support designers and model makers in the different steps of planning a collection.

Many of our former graduates use their English knowledge in their job or they work abroad for the company. They have responsible taskes and duties in different departments, such as purchasing, sales and marketing.[/spoiler]

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GCSE or A-Levels[/spoiler]

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  • Pattern Construction
  • CAD (system: Assyst) – multimedia

Production Management:

  • Business Administration
  • Logistics
  • Principles of Tailoring/Sewing Procedures


  • Material/Textile Knowledge
  • Economics
  • Data Processing/Internet
  • New Technology
  • English

additional subjects 2nd year:

  • Planning a Collection
  • History of Design

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Additionally you can do a course in tailoring with final exams taken at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Aschaffenburg after having finished a three-months internship/work placement with a clothing company or bespoke tailor.[/spoiler]

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We offer a two year full time training with annual start in September[/spoiler]


Clothing Engineer/Technologist

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Detailed production knowledge enables the clothing engineer to perform leading tasks in company management. The engineer is an important link between company headquarters and outsourcing locations. Being responsible for the global logistics of a company you are able to meet deadlines and control production procedures.

Your knowlegde in design and pattern construction enables you to perform leading functions in the design department. Your experience in practical work is an important asset for your career prospects.[/spoiler]

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A vocational training/apprenticeship in sewing/tailoring (2 years) and at least one year practical work in your job.[/spoiler]

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As the course language is GERMAN you must be able to understand, speak and write German in order to be able to follow the lectures and write exams/tests successfully. You might have to attend an additional course in German if your German knowledge is not good enough.[/spoiler]

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  • design and pattern construction
  • CAD (Assyst)

Business Organisation:

  • Outsourcing to low-labour-cost countries
  • Production
  • Machine Knowledge


  • Material/Textile Knowledge
  • Business Administration
  • Data Processing/Internet
  • Background of Leadership Qualities
  • Customs and Tariffs Logistics
  • New Technology
  • English for clothing industry

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After having finished year one with at least grade 4 in German, English and Mathematics you will get the GCSE (Mittlere Reife) which enables you to attend an additional course in year 2 with final exam in English (written). If you are successful you will receive a further certificate: A-Levels for University of Applied Sciences.[/spoiler]

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2-year full-time training with annual begin in September.[/spoiler]

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»Seit vielen Jahren arbeiten wir sehr erfolgreich mit der Bekleidungs­fachschule Aschaffenburg zusammen und rekrutieren dort unseren ­bekleidungstechnischen Nachwuchs.«

Elke Groß
Leitung Personalmanagement

Willy Bogner GmbH & Co. KGaA
81673 München

»Kreatives Design und hohe Qualitätsstandards bei der handwerklichen Verarbeitung sind nicht voneinander zu trennen. Diese Devise betrifft sowohl die Erstellung eines Eduard Dressler-Produkts als auch die Qualifi­zierung zur Fach- und Führungskraft in der Bekleidungs­fachschule Aschaffenburg. Deshalb ist die jahrzehntelange Zusammenarbeit ­zwischen diesen beiden Partnern nur folgerichtig.«

Stefan Hanke
Modellmacher/Technical Designer

Dressler Bekleidungswerke
Brinkmann GmbH & Co. KG
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